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Why Premium Knives Being Made in Small Batches Matter

Why Premium Knives Being Made in Small Batches Matter

If you were to study business in an academic setting, one of the subjects you would likely study is production management. Few of us who don’t work in the field of manufacturing think very much about what goes into creating the products we use each and every day. It’s a complex, and production management reflects […]

Takcom The Stubby tactical automatic otf knife

Knife Laws: What is a California legal EDC knife?

Every area of interest develops its own vocabulary over time, which is true for knives in general — and OTFs in particular. Fans of these sorts of tools and weapons will pepper their discussion of them with references to a knife’s action, finish, blade design, handle material, intended use, and more. For those unfamiliar with […]

The Anatomy of a Premium EDC OTF Knife

The Anatomy of a Premium EDC OTF Knife

Because the word “premium” gets bandied about so much that its true meaning has become obscured. If you were to conduct a survey about the term, the response you’d likely get would range from “expensive” to “exotic” to simply “nice.” But none of those descriptors adequately encapsulate the characteristics of a truly premium product like […]

D2 Markings on a TAKCOM Barracuda OTF Knife

Advantages of Blade Handles Made from Synthetic Materials

No matter the period in time, people have tended to romanticize weapons. From Arthur wielding Excalibur to establish a kingdom, Muhammad carving passes through the mountains with his fork-tongued scimitar Zulfiqar, or Perseus decapitating Medusa with diamond-tough Harpe, weapons have been so important throughout history that they’ve earned their own names. In more modern times, […]

TAKCOM the Hornet tactical automatic OTF Knife

What is Blade Hardness and What Scale Is Used?

Every sort of technical field, discipline, professional pursuit, and hobby has its own unique vocabulary. Electricians talk about resistances and ohms, political scientists discuss voting blocks and the Overton Window, and content marketers muse over content strategy and PPC efforts. As for knife makers and aficionados of bladed weapons, they like to wax poetic over […]