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Pocket clip side of 2 Takcom Barracuda premium OTF knives

Knife Terms You Need to Know When Talking About OTFs

A clarion call of so many in today’s information age is, “Why can’t life be simpler?” It often seems as though we’re deluged with data from every angle and on every subject. And, yes, some of this so-called knowledge really is extraneous. But each discipline, no matter how small, has its own technicalities, complications, and […]

Takcom Barracuda premium OTF knife

More Than Just the Mall: Using Your OTF in Survival Situations

Where enthusiasm for a subject exists, elitism often lurks. No matter if we’re talking about politics, pugilism, novels, or even knives, you will always find some people who think that their opinion is the final word on a subject and virtually gospel truth. It’s among such sections of self-proclaimed knife fans that criticism of OTFs […]